Palace Museum

Palace Museum Espaço Palmeiras - A Municipal Landmark

Cultural Heritage

Welcome to Palace Museum Espaço Palmeiras!

The city of Porto is welcoming you!

This beautiful building in the center of  the city of Porto is a burgoise house of late 19th century to the early 20th century, classified as Cultural Heritage of the City of Porto.

The Palace Museum Espaço Palmeiras after artistic and cultural recovery, opens its doors as a Historic Hotel with an eclectic, elegant environment and approach to our visitors, in an intimate and personalized way.

The Palace Museum Espaço Palmeiras is distinguished from other buildings in the city, in a single monument is possible to observe decorative stuccoes, murals, period tiles and decorative doors that depict well the period of beginning of 20th century.

This Palace Museum stands out for its beauty and uniqueness. We can find neoclassical and neogothic elements in a unique space together with naturalistic paintings, as a result of the trend of the “beaux – arts” school in Paris.

In this space that breathes history, at the entrance we are received in its hall by a glass door with a painting of a flower pot laterally ornamented by two dragons (the dragon besides decorative, has the symbolic connotation of element of the coat of arms of the city since 1837).

Complementary Attractions

  • Fantastic view of the oceanscape
  • Close to heritage sites
  • Museums and culture festivals
  • Historic building sites
  • Local Gastronomy
  • Good transportation and accesses

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To preserve this beautiful heritage building and it´s singular style we restricted the access only to adults whom can´t use stilletos shoes, because of the extensive rehabilitation work done to recover the beauty of this singular building.

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